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Canon EOS 5Ds (R) details
The 5Ds R produces noisy images. That's the price of this resolution.

Personally I consider this approach to be pointless but we've been there ... ;-)

BC, no. You got me wrong perhaps.

I am asking, if i have a 5dsr then 1) i will test ff lenses on it 2) i will test these ff lenses for APS bodies by using the crop mode. When i crop the image later, i will get the same image that i will get from 7dm ii.

I realise that you can't test EF-s lenses on 5dsr, but who cares, including Canon Smile
Well some noise increase with major  resolution  increase isn't really a problem, comparing to a less noisy 22MP for instance, when you downsize to 22 MP check which picture is noisier.

Of course higher resolution with less noise is better, but that's not a bad compromise.

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