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Canon EOS 5Ds (R) details
I often wonder if camera's can get any better, because the quality of even the cheaper models is so good. I have long waited to go digital, because I like slide film so much. But 5-6 years  I converted and I am loving it. Although film has some great qualities too.


But we now live in the era of the largest choice of camera models and I look forward to see how the 5D-R and S perform.



While we will use the 5Ds R as the next testbed, I'd say that 50mp are useless.

It almost feels like things are ending up like over at Leica. Instead of luxury handcraft, it is now about luxury specs. Pure prestige objects.


In the foreseeable future there'll be no affordable projector offering more than 4K, nor screens beyond 8k (33mp).

And you just don't need such a best for those 5 posters that you are gonna print each year. I don't buy into the cropping argument either.


But that's just me, of course.

On the projectors - depends.  I have some measure of contact with the development of two projection systems;

1) IMAX next generation laser projection

2) 4k "HUD" micro projector - 5mm diameter lenses.


The imax units are monstrously expensive but the current generation is 8k and that is "infinitely scalable" via optical methods.  The HUD units are about 50k/eye and are custom built in our lab.  I think we have 4 projectors in total made with various sub-configs. 

Somehow I've the feeling, Klaus was talking about projectors for home use, less so to rent an IMAX cinema just for a slide show  Rolleyes


On my last trip to Wales I've seen the iPhone 8MP prints hanging 6 meters high as a very large and very impressive poster. Of course, careful post-processing was involved, I guess - but thats skill, not magic. I find myself pleased with only 36MP but high dynamic range. I do crop, if I have to and I do it without hesitation, if the picture is technically alright and as sharp as I want it. But I don't point at something and crop afterwards what I want to see.


However, you will find yourself not necessarily pixel peeping but sometimes you will discover details you haven't seen when shooting the frame. That's definitely a nice side. But in terms of sharpness and resolution I prefer the little Sigmas, if the dynamic range is not over 6 stops, a tripod available and base ISO possible. I had about half a dozens pictures taken with D810 and Sigma DPxM and I always prefer the Sigma results. Unfortuantely their handling is just outdated and opposite of fast.

I think you are right Klaus what you wrote:


"Instead of luxury handcraft, it is now about luxury specs. Pure prestige objects."


Probably 99% of the people don't need 50mp and all the luxury specs. But I am still curious about the 5D-R. Not because I want or need one, but just to compare to the rest of the camera's.


There is one thing I wonder. These new camera's will cost a pretty penny to develop. And these camera's will not be mass produced like the lower end Dslr's camera's. So, will they make money of these camera's or is there a chance these camera's drive the price up of the other models? Or should I say keep the other camera's at a certain price range?


Kind regards,



Hey Klaus,

Will you review this camera, now that you have it in the lab?

I noticed that you have tested cameras in the past.

PZ stopped camera tests years ago...

5Dsr on crop mode will have similar resolution as a 7D mark II. So instead of testing for aps-c lenses on 7dmii, you can test them on 5dsr crop mode. Am i wrong?
You are "wrong". Big Grin  The 5Ds does not do a real crop. When you save as RAW you get a full res. file.

And the EF-S lenses protrude more into the mirror box, so they won't fit the FF camera...


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