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no sample images in Canon 24mm STM review ?
I tried to keep my mouth shut, and again I fail.  :mellow:


To me the sample pictures delivered with the test are the genuine jobs of the two testers Klaus and Markus. To me, that makes the samples comparable (within the brands). They have a certain style and certain skills, the cameras are more or less the same since ages. If now members of the PZ / OL forum contribute their pictures, someone would need to do the same job like they do - check for samples which say something realistic and meaningful. The basic idea of toni-A is trying to help, my concern is a wider spread in terms of quality which at the end doesn't give a good enough reference. RAW files are only one part of that story, again, someone needs to export them to JPGs. Also, Klaus and Markust test their samples - I haven't checked a single copy for decenterring, so I'm out anyway.


I still think, we have the possibility to contribute our test shots when a lens in question got it's verdict. And, given the quality of today's lenses, the only take away from samples to me is "acceptable bokeh?" For everything else, like AF-speed, flare resistance, reliable AF there's so much different sources of influence - in general I only rely on my own test shots.


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