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Test suggestions


Will you test the Zeiss Touit 50 macro & Samyang 24 3.5 tilt-shift?


Eventually but they are not on the list of the next 10 lenses.

 How about throwing in a succulent and juicy test of the Tamron 150-600mm tele, although not on your lens of the year list, it "muscled"  it's way on there by popular vote, so there's no doubt about the interest it's created!


 BTW. It's interested me so much that I went out and bought a S/H Nikon D7100 just on the strength of being able to mount one on it.

The Tamron (already here) and Sigma Sport (ordered) will be tested ... once the temperatures have eased.
Quote: ... once the temperatures have eased.

Too cold for lenstesting? ;-)
  Oh good news, but your right to wait, I can feel the heat coming off it from here!



very long focal lengths must be tested outside, as no one in the PZ team has a large enough space to get far enough away from the test chart inside. 

 Australia should at least be able to accommodate the appropriate required distance! Rolleyes  



have you noticed the smiley at the end of my post?

Actually I can test these lenses indoors ... sort of ... the underground parking area is big enough. 

But even that area is currently super humid (Sydney is hell from mid Dec to the end of Feb).


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