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Camera of the year - by PZ readers
If by "MY" camera of the year you mean one that I would (did) buy, then there's none. If it's the one I consider the most impressive, it has to be the 645z... not those toys from the poll!  Tongue

The most important reason why I won't buy one is that I don't deserve it, btw  Wink

First choice would be the A7 II, for its IBIS full-frame sensor and affordable price (though the lenses are still quite limited).


Second choice is the Panasonic LX100, because it is what a lot of buyers want in a mirrorless camera: flexibility and light weight.


Third (and my vote on this poll) is the Fuji X-T1 for the improvements made since the X-Pro1.


Though I must admit I have not handled any of them.

I'm pretty sure, none of us voters has handled all of them…  Wink
yes, I'm missing the Pentax 645z as well.

I voted A7S. Even though I'm a Canon user the possibilities of that camera seem very intriguing. As a bonus, one can adapt almost anything to it - so, again, it may have the broadest appeal of the options listed. Smile

From a practical standpoint, Canon EOS 7D II would've been the most interesting, but I already have a backup camera - a 650D. Big Grin

Canon 50D but it is not in the list :-) :mellow:


1. It has everthing that photographer wants.

2. it is cheap 200..300 Euro at e-bay

3. I don't know what I can do more with this new cammeras?
50D isn't exactly 2014 is it? Smile

<a class="bbc_url" href="">dA</a> Canon 7D2, 7D, 5D2, 600D, 450D, 300D IR modified, 1D, EF-S 10-18, 15-85, EF 35/2, 85/1.8, 135/2, 70-300L, 100-400L, MP-E65, Zeiss 2/50, Sigma 150 macro, 120-300/2.8, Samyang 8mm fisheye, Olympus E-P1, Panasonic 20/1.7, Sony HX9V, Fuji X100.

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