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And we got there (no more Lightroom standalone)
        CS6 Photoshop sold for over $700 and the complete suite was over £3,000,  considerable sums by anybody's standards! 



    Creative Cloud here in Europe is €11.99 per month BTW.


    Studor said:  

  "I don't think Adobe ever made this promise regarding ongoing updates for LR6. Perhaps I am mistaken in which case Adobe would have a case to answer for"


    Somehow I don't think Adobe said;   


   "Ok guys buy CS6 and you will get the latest updates on an ongoing basis..........err that is until we decide otherwise and put it up for rent".




   I find it sad that in these days of modern business, the hard goods route struggles (manufacture) with all the problems of the economy, guarantees and competition etc. while software companies cream in money with out having any of those hard goods issues. 


   One last thought is if you do so little processing and use mainly the Jpg format why would you pay out your good hard earned cash to rent a processing software?

Dave's clichés
Software companies in general provide loooong pages about for what they can't be held responsible - they are acting as if there's simply no law applying on them.


Adobe was the first company demanding extra cash for localised versions of their software - this doesn't mean "well made localisations" , it was just another way to milk some cash out of customers. Some really bad habits of software companies were introduced by Adobe and they got away with every shite - getting user passwords and credit card informations stolen? What's the problem?


They act as careless gameboys and try to educate users the way that this is normal. If you think about, none of us would accept a hardware manufacturer to exclude any warranty. "You can use it, but if we messed up and you get in trouble, it's not our problem"

Jo, I think you are going off the page now.


The issue at hand is simply this:

Is it a fair price to pay $10 per month for?:

1. Lightroom Classic

2. Lightroom CC

3. Photoshop CC

4. Photoshop Fix

5. Lightroom Mobile

6. 20GB storage


The answer is yes or no.


If you say no, as you have, then you are done. I say yes, and I am done.


As a side note for stoppingdown you can see where I was when I took my shot of the sky in the image attached. It maybe that the land “belonged” to the farmer but it should be noted that this sort of obsessive landownership is more problematic than whatever it is that Adobe is supposedly doing.

Quote:As a side note for stoppingdown you can see where I was when I took my shot of the sky in the image attached. It maybe that the land “belonged” to the farmer but it should be noted that this sort of obsessive landownership is more problematic than whatever it is that Adobe is supposedly doing.


Clearly I'm not interested in discussing a specific case, having expressed a general criterion.


There are many things to consider, in any case. A long time ago I, together with a few other people, entered a private property - not on the grassland, but staying on a white road, for a hundred meters or such. The area was just after the end of a minor airport runway. The Italian air patrol was going to take off and we wanted an uncommon perspective. It was not the official exhibition day, but the day before, and the patrol was just practicing: so there was just a handful of people. Furthermore we was before the 9/11 era and everybody was relaxed. The land owner was working on his tractor nearby, saw us and said nothing, so we stayed.


Now, staying at the end of a runway when ten aircrafts are going to take off is a dangerous thing. During the official exhibition day, when there are packs of people, those areas are strictly restricted. I don't know how things work in detail, but maybe public authorities take care of public areas, and private owners are responsible for preventing access in their own. So maybe they have a responsibility that it's not immediately obvious to see and if an accident occurs, they might be held liable for it.


Another example. In Italy there are a few areas that are dangerous because of natural gas emissions that can be deadly - they are minor volcanic phenomena. Some are private properties - sometimes partially accessible to people, in other cases they can be anonymous portions of lands in the middle of an otherwise safe countryside. It's a responsibility of the private owners of these areas to fence them. While it's fortunately a rare event, it happened that some people passed over fences and died - sometimes tourists, other times shepherds with their flocks.


I wrote these anecdotes just to say that perhaps people sometimes have good reasons for preventing access in their lands, other than their personal feelings - sure it would be better if they explained the reasons. In case of a clear and present danger the thing should be signaled, but there can be many not-so-dramatic scenarios.


In the end, if one owns a property, it's up to him to decide. He might be a rude person if he prevents access with no real reason, but in the end, while I appreciate polite people, I can't force anyone to be.



Sony a6300, Sony a6000, Sony NEX-6, Sony E 10-18mm F4 OSS, Sony Zeiss Vario-Tessar T* E 16-70mm F4 ZA OSS, Sony FE 70-200mm F4 G OSS, Sigma 150-600mm Æ’/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary, Samyang 12mm Æ’/2, Sigma 30mm F2.8 DN | A, Meyer Gorlitz Trioplan 100mm Æ’/2.8, Samyang 8mm Æ’/3.5 fish-eye II | Zenit Helios 44-2 58mm Æ’/2 
Plus some legacy Nikkor lenses.
@studor13: My, that's where he buried his mother in law, no wonder....  :lol:


Your "issue at hand"  just implies there's not other possibility for Adobe to do it this way. As already debated and proven, Adobe increased their benefit by a bigger margin than they increased the benefits for users - so 10$ is too much, by far. And putting two, three versions of a software into your list is also a bit of a blow up advantages which are not there.

His mother I could understand but mother-inlaw? Let's not go there.


OK, let me come clean.


I just bought an iPad pro for my wife and kids. 


I desperately want them to have some basic understanding of editing.


Daughter already plays with iMovie on the Mac. (She has her own Youtube channel)


Now, tell me that for a family like us that $10 per month is too expensive to use all that software.


Even if they don't get what LR and Photoshop is all about just playing with all the options on phones, tablets, notebook and computer is an investment for their future.


So, I respectfully disagree with you that the three versions of software I included are a blow up. On the contrary, I've looked at Fix and find that it would be a step up once they get used to using just Lightroom CC which doesn't have things like Healing.
"Even if they don't get what LR and Photoshop is all about just playing ..." as I said, too much  :lol: 


For things not to get, there's plenty of already free software onboard of an iPad. And who was the one who went off topic about a  farmer yelling at him? I was aksing you if you can contribute about anything else than bloody Adobe universe, as you were suggesting, if you don't like it go somewhere else.


I'm just interested if you know anything about that other places you like to send the people witn Adobe allergies to? Repeating over and over how very cheap it is to make Adobe richer is a pleasure to read for Adobe marketing - anybody of those bastards around here? - but somehow you move in circles.

To put a bit more other aspects into the discussion, I just post a link to an article in Photography Life: https://photographylife.com/lightroom-cl...y#comments


Interesting to read, The old Lightroom CC became now Lightroom Classic CC and the current app Lightroom CC is something new. Something which essentiually needs access to CC and each picture you open is stored in the cloud to sync on all devices.
Thank God for the JPEG format.  Rolleyes

I think we've gone beyond being sheep..


This type of thinking is one reason I don't like Amazon. I bought a fireTV on a recommendation and that it was a droid system so I could put more apps on it. It wasn't any less expensive than a Roku.


Yet they shove amazon crap down your throat. To the point you would think the box would be much less expensive than it is.


Then they do things like not allow you to run apps that will hide their advertising. For instance I had a skin app that had a nice usable customizable screen that would only show the apps you want to see in the order I want to see them. Amazon went into my machine and deleted this app and others one day. The sole reason was it hid their advertising.


On top of this nonsense if you want to put any apps on your phone that would communicate with the firetv (like a mouse/keyboard app) you have to download their Amazon shopping app that spams your phone. If you delete this app the other apps won't work. To add insult to injury, you have to buy the apps w/o being able to demo them. The couple I tried ran like crap.


Yet, so many people love Amazon. 

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