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Samples images Zeiss 16-70mm (probably defective)
Quote:Here's what Kurt Munger had to say about this lens:
I just got a Sony 16-70 lens. My shots don't seem to have soft borders. Maybe just lucky or Sony have now corrected something. 
time to write up that one star review Smile Well at least 1 * for value.


Quote:Got a reply from Sony. 

Lens is according to specs.
I have a Zeiss 1670.  I have had it for more than 8 months.  It is the only auto focus and the only zoom lens  I have ever purchased.  I have been heavily involved in photography since 1962.  I bought my first digital, and only digital, a Sony nex-7 in August 2013.  I have for a long time been printing in b&w and Ra4.  My camewra of choice was a Contax RTSIII.  I bought the Sony because of the easy adaption of my lenses and ease of using the due to the electronic view finder.  The lenses that I have are 21mm Distagon, 28mm Distagon, 28mm Super Angulon PC, 35mm 2.8  Distagon, 35mm Pc Distagon, 50mm 1.4 Planar, 60mm 1:1 Makro Planar, 100mm Planar, 200mm Apo Sonnar.  I print with a Canon 6100 Pro Graf printer and I use Lightroom 4.  Mostly I print the full framew about 6.2x9.6 inches on 8 1/2x 11 paper.  I have made prints up to 17x25 inches.  My adapter is a Kipon which allows 10mm of axial displacement.


I do not consider myself an expert but I certainly have had a longer photo experience than most on this forum.  


My criteria  for judging a lens is by looking at my prints.  I believe tghat the testing provided by Klaus serves a very needed role.




I have been very happy with all my lenses.  The Zeiss 1670 was bought for more handy and quicker usage as well as a wider angle of view..  It has become my most used lens.  Sharp enough to cut the mustard for sure.

Quote:I think the summary could be - great primes but Zeiss can't do zoom lenses.

Sony Zeiss 24-70/2.8, 16-35/2.8 and FE 16-35/4 are pretty decent, no?
The FE 24-70mm is certainly not great.

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