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new Schneider Kreuznach lenses for DSLRs (Nikon, Canon)
<i>Xenon 35mm f/1.6 </i>

<i>Xenon 50mm f/1.4</i>

<i>Makro-Symmar 85mm f/2.4</i>


Reference (German):


Seem to be manual focus lenses to me.


No words of the MFT lenses ...


That 35mm seems ginormous...

Schneider Krauchnach lenses?   I've had two kit lenses for Samsung!


 Has anyone got the vaguest, slightest, hope in hell of how the heck and all one pronounces that name???  I don't think I've ever heard it spoken!!!!! :blink:  


Please post a voice gram.
Dave's clichés
Try Shnyder Kroiznak and you're as close as English speakers could get with the disability to speak a proper "ch" Big Grin 


I mean, how does one speak "clichés"? Could you put a video on YouTube? I wanna see your mouth curling…  ^_^


German photogs do know how to pronounce and the rest of the world stick to Zyss. Don't worry, the German text talks about "capacity problems" and "priority for film lenses" and "one year from now" - so those lenses are something like those car studies on automobile salons. So nothing to grab a fever attack for during the next days.

Thanks for the comparative pronunciation Jolu, I'll give it a try next time I'm suffering from double pneumonia!


 As for my moniker, the word is cliché(s) which is the french word for snapshot, please don't try to pronounce it as it is published here as you run the risk of hooking your inner upper lip around the back of you earlobe which may require major surgery.

  As for why it appears here printed as it does, I have absolutely no idea!!! Something to do with my french keyboard/english keyboard interaction and probably to do with admiral Nelson and Napoleon not getting along so well!!! 

Dave's clichés
J'ai vu des villages en Bretagne qui ont aussi le "ch" (Inzinzac-Lochrist, Penmarch, Pont-de-buis-les-Quimerch). Peut-etre c'est une idée demander les bretons? Ou les Alsaciens? C'est comme "Illkirch" ou "Dambach-la-ville", "Munchhouse", "Neuf-Brisach" ou "Hochstatt". Très simple, vachement.


Big Grin


Ce sont des objectifs super-boche  Tongue

Pronouncation aside: their lenses are a joy to use. A friend of mine had the chance to spend some time with a prototype PC-TS. A huge lens, but the build quality was amazing. As was the level of freedom (regarding adjustments) and the results.

Won't be cheap, though, I'm afraid. If they ever release it, that is...

-- Markus

Eh bien, j'habite dans le sud prêt de Monpellier en Agde, alors ça fait une sacre ballade juste pour poser des questions sur la prononciation de "ch", de toutes façon je crois que j'ai compris maintenant, c'est va"ch"ement simple, n'est pas?

Dave's clichés
Well, I can live with however you pronounce it, dave's clichés and also try to workaround the bloody autocorrection changing it to cliché©s  <_< so it's not only your computer playing Wellington and Napoleon.


Schneider is one of those brands living always in the shadows of more famous ones: Leitz and Zeiss or Rodenstock. To be honest, I got two enlarger lenses from them just because my father's Adox also had a Schneider Kreuznach in front of it. And they made it to the top of PhaseOne or Hasselblad and video lenses, too. Never tried anyone of those but the PC-TS is very tempting. I guess they would be a bit cheaper than Zeiss Otus' as there's plenty of space between the pricing o their next competitors.



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