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Anybody remember that Nikon guy? ;)
Quote:It sounds like you have lenses lined up for testing? Do you want to share the list with us?
Well, I (and you) did not make good experiences with lists I published in the past Wink

However, there are a few galleries I already uploaded to SmugMug and which *may* be a sign of upcoming reviews to expect Wink

If you want to spend some time pixel-peeping, just follow these links:

Before anyone gets too excited: the last link is the Ai-P 45, not the PC-E 45.

-- Markus

Quote:Is the Leica guy also back with you?  Smile
Yes, he is Smile

The Samsung guy is still in hibernation mode, though...

-- Markus

Yeah, sure, we need a good laugh and the 58 will do (at least the other review sites indicate that it's laughable). Then, there are more serious lenses to tackle like the 35/1.8 and the Sigmas...  :lol: And the Ai-P, of course - even though I'm not a Nikon shooter I had a secret wish to see a FX test of that one someday...


(Which reminds me that I need to get a Canon 40/2.8 STM sometime...)


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