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ZEISS Otus 1.4/85 Announced

       CD/PD off the sensor, where the sensor uses "phase detect pixels" to send the focus point in the right direction then contrast detect for the final focus point., which eliminates back and forth hunting. 

Dave's clichés
PD can do fine with shallow DOF. Depends on the camera and the lens.  One can get fine results even with the Canon 50mm f1.2 and 85mm f1.2. Or with lenses with more shallow DOF like a 300mm f2.8 for instance.


On the 58mm f1.4 from Nikon which popped up again above, I stumbled upon a 55mm f1.4 from Tomioka (in revueflex super reflecta guise), which seems to have pretty smooth bokeh.

How sharp or unsharp it will be i'll find out once it arrives (and more importantly, once its M42 adapter arrives).

Compared to the Nikkor 58mm f1.4 it of course lacks autofocus. But contrary to the Nikkor it does not have a $1700 price tag. More like a $25 price tag.

The topic was 85/1.4 Apo Otus at 4500$. No idea what makes you come up with 50-60mm stuff at 25$.


But my aunt had once a tiny pocket camera which also made nice blur.  Tongue


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