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Would you buy a grey market Nikon camera or lens?
Have you ever bought a grey market Nikon camera or lens? Currently all my Nikon stuff is USA not grey market. The price difference is close to $1000 between a grey market Nikon D4s and its USA Nikon counterpart. It is just too tempting....

Did you have any problems servicing your grey market camera or lens? Did you find a third party service center after Nikon had refused fixing it? Are those third party service centers reliable? Are they more expensive than the Nikon USA Service center?

I just want to find out whether it is worth it to save $1000 now and service a grey market product in the USA.

Thanks so much!

Haring, I bought lens once.I would ask the store what kind warranty they provide. For example bh and adorama have pretty good plans. If you buy usa warrantied and something goes wrong (god forbid) don't expect miracles. You have to ship it and wait certain time. If you don't like stores' warranty plans than play safe and pay the extra money.

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