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Zeiss Loxia lenses are coming
These lenses are going to be SO popular in Russia (because of linguistic connotations). Smile

Zeiss should stop these crappy names. ZFE or ZX would have been fine.

Given the bad corner performance of the Biogon design, I'm quite skeptical about adopting most of the ZM lenses to the E mount.
Apparently these Loxia lenses might make more sense than I initially thought... It seems that Zeiss has slightly changed their optical formular in order to take the sensor stack thickness of the A7 into account. There are some early (p)reviews out there which show improved corner performance compared to the ZM lenses (e.g. )


I would love to see photozone reviews of the Loxia 2/35 and the ZM Biogon on the A7r, but I see that it's pretty niche so I guess it's also pretty low priority  Big Grin


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