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Sony A6000
FWIW, I will purchase one for my upcoming vacation.

I will also do a reference test against the NEX 7 using the Zeiss 12mm.


Hi Klaus,

               An extract from DPreview's test of the 16-50mm lens on the A6000;


The a6000's kit lens isn't great from an image quality point of view, regularly producing images with very poor corners so anyone looking to really get the most out of the a6000 should think about the cost of adding other lenses to their collection. The E-mount lineup is getting stronger all the time and features most of the zoom options that a DSLR at this level would be offered with. However, while there is a good choice of short to mid-length prime lenses, the Sigma 60mm F2.8 DN and rather expensive FE 55mm F1.8 ZA are the only classic portrait prime choices (in the 85-135mmm equiv range), so it's worth checking that the lenses exist to do what you want. The Sony ZA 16-70mm F4 OSS is an excellent step-up standard zoom but it costs as much as the camera does, again.


 I don't know if that helps!

Dave's clichés
I know that the 16-70 is pretty decent ;-)
Looks like you have to put you hand a bit deeper into your pocket for the 16-70 but together they look a good combo. It certainly is a nice looking camera!

Dave's clichés
Tested on IR or SLR Gear, the corners on 17-70 are pretty lousy for a blue label and 1K price....


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