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next PZ lens test report: Fujinon XC 50-230mm f/4.5-6.7 OIS
Fairly decent for a kit lens:


Not bad...

If you're already bought in to the Fuji system, and want a cheap telephoto, this is one with a/f. 


F/6.7 and 230mm isn't that impressive to me.  It seems like most DSLR manufacturers have a better, cheaper or similar cost, 50 to 70 -300mm.

Well, it's decent enough for Fuji X-M1 users for sure. Such kit zoom lenses are an essential part of every system. Entertaining migrating users cannot substitute the need to care about newcomers.


I was looking at your test about the XC50-230 and XF55-200. With the cheaper one, you rate the Price/Performance with 4 stars. Is this based on the price of 400 Euro or on the newest Kit prices with wth X-E1 and XF18-55 together for 750.- Euro? Because then the telezoom alone would cost within this package only 150.- Euro (the X-E1 is available with the XF18-55 as a kit for 500.- Euro).


Second question: With the teezoom XF55-200, you rate the Price/Performance also with 4 stars, but there is no indication which price you are talking about. Could you clarilfy this please?

Price/performance relates to the "naked" prices (non-kit). As a base I'm usually taking the US and German prices (Amazon).

Quote:Price/performance relates to the "naked" prices (non-kit). As a base I'm usually taking the US and German prices (Amazon).

o.k., so since the test is very new (from August 2014) I assume the related prices would be around 609.- Euro for the XF55-200 und 239.- Euro for the XC50-230 (both as of today)


What I then do not understand is the Price/Performance rating of both telezooms compared to each other. The XC Zoom has 2.5 stars, the XF zoomhas 3-3.5 stars in optical performance. Both have 4 stars in their price performance rating.


Since the price difference is a factor of more than 2.5, should then the optical quality of the XF zoom not be more than 3-3.5 to reflect the Price/Performance of 4 stars?


Or the other way around (since optical performance does actually not change with the price tag): Should the XF zoom have a lower Price/Performance rating than 4 stars, i.e. "only" 3 stars compared to the XC zoom's Price/Performance?




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