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Canon EF 14-18mm f5-5.6 IS STM ;)
Quote:Would also be interested to see the mod too!
For the original back of the lens, scroll down a bit on this page:


The modded backside:

[Image: 356032C7F8384781A562BBDA8C41B217.jpg]


The left over pieces after the saw job, which I will later make a bit smaller, and glue together, to glue it neatly inside the hole that has been created, to make the back look right again:

[Image: 75C3BA59BA1C42DE9364E4C9BA9DB320.jpg]
14mm FF example (f8), in 3x2 format:

[Image: 9F5EA6C39C2C41F8B028B0F6BBCC4B50.jpg]

CA corrected in PS, standard DPP conversion.


14mm FF example (f8), in 16x9 LiveView format:

[Image: 7634DDA905644692BAC89E9A2D35910F.jpg]
Looks like there's a decent potential for modding. How much vignetting does the filter add?

I have not used any filter on it, and I don't think I will. A bit wide for pol. filter blue skies...

What exactly is the point ? e.g compared to a Samyang 14mm ?

For anyone who owns both APS-C and Full Frame cameras, it could be a single lens solution that adds Image stabilization. 


It gives you 10-18mm (16-28.8mm equiv) on crop and 14-18mm on FF.  The Image Stabilization can be handy for certain low light situations and also for video work. 

Quote:Looks like there's a decent potential for modding. How much vignetting does the filter add?

I have also modded mine for use on my 5D3 and there is a very slight amount of vignetting visibible in the corners at 14mm with a 67mm Hoya HD CPL






f/5 no filter

[Image: 5D3_8514.jpg]


f/8 no filter

[Image: 5D3_8515.jpg]


f/11 no filter

[Image: 5D3_8516.jpg]


f/5 with CPL

[Image: 5D3_8517.jpg]


f/8 with CPL

[Image: 5D3_8518.jpg]


f/11 with CPL

[Image: 5D3_8519.jpg]


Sorry, duplicate post, is there a way to delete this post? 

Quote:What exactly is the point ? e.g compared to a Samyang 14mm ?
As msowsun explains.

Wide angle on APS-C, will also be usable on FF.

It has AF, which Samyang does not do.

It has IS, which Samyang does not have.

It is cheaper and lighter (Samyang 552 grams, this lens 240 grams prior to mod), with IS suitable for video.


Samyang has better corners, this lens has better distortion.


On 1.3x crop, you get 12mm, 13mm, 15mm, 16mm, 17mm, 18mm, Samyang does not.

On FF you get 15mm, 16mm, 17mm, 18mm, Samyang does not.


And it is just cool to try.


Long enough list of points? Wink


Ok, one more then... Filters. If one wants to use an ND filter for instance.

I did the mod on my EF-S 10-18 STM last night. Today I was playing around with my 5D Mk III and have discovered a slight problem........ 


For some odd reason it will not do Phase Detection AF on my 5D3. It works fine in LiveView using Contrast detection AF. When I mount the lens, the "One Shot" message on the top LCD goes to "M Focus". When I switch to LiveView or Video, it goes to "One Shot", but as soon as I go back to using the viewfinder, it goes back to "M Focus". Not only will it not AF, but there is also no green dot focus confirmation in MF mode.  


I also have a 18-135 STM that does the same thing when mounted on my 5D3. Both lenses work perfectly on my SL1/100D and also my old EOS 630 film camera. The EF 40mm STM also works perfectly on my 5D3.


I went down to my local "Henry's" camera store and they were nice enough to let me try my modded 10-18 on one of their 5D3's and sure enough it behaved exactly the same way. 


The 10-18 works with the 6D as reported by "Bright Colours", so I suspect this may have something to do with the advanced AF design of the 5D3. I also suspect that any other FF cameras with advanced AF (like the 1Dx) might also have the same problem with these APS-C STM lenses. 


[Image: 5D3_8586.jpg]


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