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Canon EF 14-18mm f5-5.6 IS STM ;)
Here are a some quick snaps from today. I intentionally included the sun and it seemed to handle the flare quite well. 
all 14mm at f/8
[Image: 5D3_8595.jpg]
[Image: 5D3_8597.jpg]
[Image: 5D3_8599.jpg]
[Image: 5D3_8600.jpg]
[Image: 5D3_8601.jpg]
[Image: 5D3_8602.jpg]
[Image: 5D3_8603.jpg]
[Image: 5D3_8604.jpg]
8 more quick jpeg snaps from in front of my house today with a 67mm Hoya HD CPL. You can see some extra vignetting in the corners from the CPL.
all 14mm at f/11
[Image: 5D3_8605.jpg]
[Image: 5D3_8606.jpg]
[Image: 5D3_8607.jpg]
[Image: 5D3_8608.jpg]
[Image: 5D3_8610.jpg]
[Image: 5D3_8611.jpg]
[Image: 5D3_8609.jpg]
[Image: 5D3_8612.jpg]
I had to go to downtown Toronto today and brought the camera along. I shot a few out the window of the car while I was stuck in traffic.
[Image: 5D3_8613.jpg]
[Image: 5D3_8617.jpg]
[Image: 5D3_8652.jpg]

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