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Dumb photographer advice
Actually that was a good experience, my wife and I had plenty of fun yesterday taking selfies.

Canon 750D fully articulated screen is really awesome, canon 10-18 is quite nice for such a job, however i preferred pictures taken by Samyang 8mm fisheye.

The other side of the story is the other guys at the club don't have babies so they are all coming Saturday night (tomorrow) for selfies....


So it was a pretty cool suggestion of your wife? Just take care the baby doesn't disappear into someone's big photo bag to get some better shots at home or in front of a sunset  Wink


there's another other side of the story: remember your wife telling you to take diapers instead of lens into the backpack? Now she knows what a big party can follow up after some good keepers...

Nothing is better than a good Saturday evening gathering with photography lovers , that was really awesome, you imagine if such a gathering was possible for this community ??

I would imagine it like that , <i>of course you guessed who would be <i>Cacofonix singing equivalence Tongue<i><i> </i></i></i></i>



[Image: xfTOIMI7Cwhnqz8B5gN3EqHvJeo.jpg]

Here I strike again... Was shooting this Sunday, then wanted to show a friend speed of 7DMKii I switched from RAW to low quality JPG, because I was going to delete the files afterwards anyway ,   then took photos for the rest of the day at 720X480 pixel resolution....awkward....

Here I strike again... twice in a single weekend.
1) went to Mount Sannine peak it was a two hours driving, we reserved a hotel there to stay overnight and got for a little nocturnal hike and shoot the milky way away from light pollution, however I neglected a small crucial detail, it exceptionally rains in Lebanon in summer, it has been 10+ years it happened last time (I was at the beach) so didn't check weather forecast.... and as you imagine we had some heavy rain plus cloudy sky..... and freezing cold while I was wearing summer outfit....

2) next day in the early morning rain had cleared I went to do the hike and shoot sunrise and , the valley after the rain, when I met a herd of goats, and found myself in the middle of more than hundred of them... not time to take our camera from bag, took phone from my pocket and it fell down, you imagine it was impossible to retrieve it and after the goats had passed by, I found it in pieces on the ground....luckily the SD card and sim card were still intact Microsoft had the good idea of putting them next to battery
Another serie of dumb photographer advice:
I was trying yesterday to shoot neowise comet and since I am writing here it all went wrong... here are my advices

1- it's pointless to try to shoot comets when it's overcast you can't see a single star and the moon itself isn't visible you just figure our its position behind the clouds

2- make sure you know the exact location or at least you are with someone who knows the position of the celestial body, neowise is to the west not to the east, even if the west side of the sky is covered with clouds and the eastern side clear , neowise will always be to the west side, comets don't play Peekaboo

3- know the exact time the comet is visible in your own area, looking for a comet at 8PM when it is due to appear at 11PM is absolutely pointless

so my first astro photography trial was a miserable failure, after staying awake late, I had difficulty waking up in the morning today and go to work... and all I got was a photo of a beirut landmark I shot for the hundredth time ... better than getting back home with no pictures.....
I cannot reiterate the "handle your gear with care" advice often enough... this past January I dropped up my 70-200/2.8L IS lens. I got away relatively cheaply, though: none of the glass got smashed up and the IS unit survived, it's the AF that went. Still was no fun - and not cheap to fix. Besides, my 100-400 was away on a long trip so I had to use the Tamron 70-300 as backup for more than a month.

More new horror along the same lines: don't try to scale canyon walls. If you just feel that itch, stow away your gear before you try. If you absolutely are too dumb to live like I am, at least put the hood on so that it absorbs some of the impact (and mud). It may sound dumb but I nearly totalled my 16-35/4L IS lens that way. I have climbed up the wall after that, though, simply on principle.

Backup. Then backup again. A month ago my laptop's hard drive bit the dust. Thankfully almost all my data is on mirrored external HDDs and (most of it also) in the cloud, but I lost some stuff after all, including the unsorted downloads and all the application profiles. I've heard people lose years worth of work due to hardware failures. Heck, I've been in the same boat around 20 years ago, that taught me to be properly paranoid about backups.
[Image: Qdn6epGC-X8.jpg]

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