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Tokina AT-X 70-200mm f/4 Pro FX VCM-S to be released in Japan
Next week and in Nikon mount only:


150.000 yen seems a bit pricey though. Who will favor it over the original manufacturer variants ?

The image stabilizer is a Tokina-first ... (and I'm fearing the worst ...).

Poor Tokina thought they had a shot at a hit by filling the big f4 gap in the Nikon lens line up. Just as they announced it (not juts indecently F-mount only), Nikon  introduced their very own 70-200mm f4 VR. 


I am sure that did not make some Tokina managers very happy.


If the published MTFs are anything to go by, this Tokina is not better than the Nikkor.

Well, "me too" isn't so bad but in case of Tokina the pricing has to be in line with their brand status - thus ... half than that.

I thought they were asleep at the wheel, or something.

But if the 16-28 is anything to go by, the real price will be a lot less than the MSRP (in the 16-28's case, 1400 vs. 850 USD).


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