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Using a tablet PC for photo editing possible ?

I am doing most of my photo editingon a laptop  in bed, I find myself rarely using the desktop and the large screen.

I was wondering  if I could do the same using a tablet PC.

Can I calibrate the screen of a tablet PC ?

Can I install canon  DPP or alike software on tablet PC ? 

Calibrated screens is only one side of the medal. Such a screen has to be placed in an environment with always the same light condition and I doubt, you have norm light in your bedroom. There's simply no point to calibrate any tablet screen. Especially since one wants to reduce brightness of the screen to save battery and other times one need all the light of it - settings of calibrated screens may not be changed after calibration.


Most editing software for tablets cannot handle big RAW files, instead all the editing happens to the JPG-previews and is destructive - the copy of your picture will have to be redone, if you don't like the end result. With JPG, you can "edit" - maybe the surprise of the result it's nice, who knows? And maybe you can live with a tiny screen, with inaccurate selections because of fingertips.


Printing from a tablet usually is very limited in it's functions, mostly one cannot choose the medium type. This list of restrictions is incomplete. I would not bother to think about longer.


There are artists making money with tablet-drawn paintings, so certainly some sort of editing on a tablet is possible. But when I edit a photo, I don't want to guess the result.  <_<

If you like using a windows tablet..... If the tablet is a full windows tablet (none of the Windows RT nonsense) DPP should install. I can not imagine it being a good user experience, but that is up to you.

I'm using Asus VivoTab ME400C (Atom processor, Windows 8 32 bit, 2G memory, 1376x768 10.1 inch screen) for this purpose. Had to test several raw-conversion tools and chose Corel AfterShot Pro - handles 16Mpixel RAWs with no performance problems.

The screen could be calibrated to pretty good color balance; though it somehow lacks saturation. E.g. I actually prefer its colors over my IPS desktop screen and photo paper, but it cannot be used to simulate the final printed result.

Lighting in the bedroom should not be a problem - you have the same lamp and the same placement of the bed; this is called "controlled environment". Just put the tablet on the stand (you can buy a case with adjustable stand) to always have the same viewing angle.

The catch with tablets for bedroom use: you cannot have high performance without it getting hot. The ME400C only becomes reasonably warm after a long batch of raw-to-tiff conversions; still not problematic. A stronger processor, more memory, or higher-resolution screen will break the temperature balance, so think twice before getting any more "power" than you really need.

So far I keep the (Windows) ME400C for editing and Toshiba Excite Write (Android, 2560x1600) for viewing. The latter heats like crazy; I'd not take it to bed.
"Lighting in the bedroom should not be a problem - you have the same lamp and the same placement of the bed; this is called "controlled environment"."




I use my bed from night 'till morning and I wouldn't call the change between darkness and morning sun controlled environment. But if the bedroom has no windows, why not.
Just received a mail from CamRanger: There is a calibration tool from R-Rite for iOS and Android  :blink: Honestly, I didn't know that. At the moment, this doesn't help much if you use a Windows tablet but it proves me wrong. Still, I have my doubts because of the reflecting screen and what I said about controlled light ambience, but maybe ...


And on the other side, it could as well be a normal calibration colorimeter could work on a Win tablet. If Microsoft now found a way to integrate color management in their OS

My Windows tablet is calibrated with DataColor Spider. Works fine. At the same time their solution for Android is waste of time.

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