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Faulty Sigma 150mm Macro
Hi There,


I've got a Sigma 150mm Macro that i bought after seeing so many great reviews of this lens. However the copy I have seems to have an issue and I wondered if anyone here might know what it is. Basically usually when shooting at a reasonable distance (ie not Macro) and most noticbly wide open, the lens can be really soft and almost produces a double image. The lens seems really sharp when used in macro.


Attached is an example where i've also managed to get a sharp shot a couple of minutes apart. The focus is slightly different so I do wander if it is partly a focus issue but I've never seen the double image effect before from other lenses. Both images were shot at 1/1250th.


I bought the lens on Ebay a while ago so can't send it back. If I send it to Sigma would they fix this and do you know how much they might charge?





Eliminate misfocus first. Looking at the background of the left shot, it seems more in focus than in the right shot, suggesting the focus point is somewhere behind the target. e.g. use live view manual focus to get the subject in best focus and take it from there.

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Is it an OS version? If so, do you allow for the image stabilization to settle before you take an image?

Looks like back-focus to me. Have you tried to experiment with the AF adjustment in your camera (assuming it offers to do so) ?


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