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Fujinon XF 56mm f/1.2 R announced
My guess(es) are:

a) bandwidth issues

b) NDA issues.


Quote:Yes I did :-) but I was curious on why he did it.
Quote:Sigma is in a different position. They are the biggest lens manufacturer in the world. They have the volume to provide a better quality at a lower price point.

Fuji is a low volume player and in an uphill battle they have to provide lenses at competitive prices.

That is not an excuse - certainly not for a lens like the 23mm f/1.4.


You know, this wouldn't be so bad if there were decent retailers here in Australia. A decent retailer just would replace the lens with a new one. However, the local philosophy seems to be fire & forget. Thus, unless there's a miracle, I can send it for servicing to Fuji (again) and wait another 6 weeks.


I am so sick of all this.

In addition to what I typed earlier - these issues of poor QC bug all, even normal buyers, not just the PZ-team testing lenses. In principle manufacturers releasing a large number of sub-standard lenses (aka. Lemons) into the "Wild" deserve some flak. I agree that are question about a fair way to do this.
Maybe all the lemons float to Australia ?

I recall a moment when Klaus and brightcolours did try to spoil the joy about the 18-35/1.8 from Sigma - "only a 27-52/2.7, what's so special about this?"


Same question here: What's so special about 85/1.8?  Rolleyes




just kidding. Didn't know Australia was on a worse side than small Switzerland regarding service quality of Fuji. The lens does look great, though.

FWIW, the Australian retailer ( reacted as expected. I shall return the lens so they forward it to Fuji for repair.

The sense of the dealer in between Fuji and me remains one of the unsolved mysteries of the universe. They refuse to replace the lens.


I should mentioned that I have also ordered lenses from B&H in the US in the past. I had centering defects with lenses twice and they replaced the lenses INCLUDING SHIPPING COSTS with no questions asked. Thus there is better service from a company that resides on the other side of the globe.


As much as I love Australia but the retailers are a nightmare.

Maybe it's not comforting you, but I could tell some stories along the same line and the dealers are German or Swiss. Often argumenting with "our prices are so low..." That we cannot afford to help you, just to finish that sentence. And maybe that's true and maybe we customers get what we deserve?

If a dealer asks for significant more money for the same product because he employs people for service reasons, the expectations, at least mine, increase at minimum significantly. Or beyond. Do I respect them more? Sometimes they don't know the things I expect to be answered by an expert. What's wrong? Experts or expectations or both a bit?

Sorry, I'm generalizing.
That's why I always preferred Amazon back in Germany. No questions asked. Great service.

However, I had also good experience with Pixxass, Cyberport & Computer-Universe.

Just stick to the big ones.

Well it sounds like not enough competition for camera dealers over there. Btw have you considered writing a letter to fuji expressing your frustation with quality ? I know it is a PIA to get it into the right hand (maybe twitter ?) but they seem to be responsive (or more responsive) than most camera companies.

Honestly I think they know what they are doing. The bitter truth is that most users take such defects for granted or think that it is normal.I have even seen many images - taken with obviously decentered lenses - in shiny magazines that clearly show that even professionals just don't recognize such defects.


It'll be curious to see whether the 23/1.4 will also be replaced rather then repaired. As already mentioned I have some doubts about the serviceability of modern lenses. 

I can say that for the SEL1018, which has some limited decentering, Amazon offered me to send it back and change it with no problems. I preferred to go with Sony's assistance because the defect is limited and I feared that the replacement copy was worse :-) - in other words, I prefer my copy to be fixed. I still don't know if Sony will accept.


So, Amazon sounds - so far - a good way to go, even though sometimes I find prices a tad lower elsewhere.


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