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Also something to get used to with the A7r ...
1TB raid 1 ssd is the way to go Smile
I thought people were complaining about the file size the other way. When you compare this with 70+ MB of a D800 file size, you ask why, despite both being the 36 megapixels cameras, Sony A7r has a fixed file size of 37MB. People tend to think that this is because Sony is offering compressed/lossy RAWs. 
I have read about it elsewhere. I would love to see an option for at least 'lossless' raws.
Does the 36MB file size vary much? You can still have lossless compression as well as lossy compression to save space compared to totally uncompressed data.

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Since 2012 there's a Nikon D800 with the same size of raw files. I'm surprised somebody, especially a test-lab, is surprised that another 36MP sensor does create the same file size. Rolleyes Btw., in 14bit RAW it's around 40MB - so what? My iMac is 3 yrs old and has no problems at all with that size. And it doesn't matter, if I use Nik Effects and Aperture is producing 217MB 16bit Tiff per file - I bought that machine for such kind of stuff.

Don't fool around with lossy compression - if you want to save diskspace, get a point and shoot and do JPG. It's the other way round: Deleting less good pictures is saving much more diskspace than lossy compression ever could.

It annoys me, if somebody thinks the cause "high resolution" has no effect in file size, disk Space, RAM and a decent multicore processor, but okay, somebody testing more the Canon world and dealing with max 22MP might not be ready for that experience. Wink
The raw files of the 24Mpix Sony A900 were also 36MB. I was expecting much bigger for the A7r.


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