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Next PZ lens test report: SLR Magic Hyperprime LM 50mm T/0.95
That's been a point of irony for quite a while: they don't. Smile

 Looking at the images of both the Leica and the SLRMagic I must honestly say that the rendering of images with the DSLRM is more pleasing, less edgy in the transitions and generally softer bokeh, also it must be said that it's some feat for an up and coming Chinese optical company to beat or at least equal Leica.

  The big drawback is the focus shift while stopping down, which is the biggest I've seen!


Now to the drawing board of Samyang, wouldn't it be nice to see a large aperture standard lens brewing on the back burner?

Dave's clichés
Quote:Their biggest problem is the brand name. SLRMagic, Great Wall or Build-your-Dreams ... these are nightmares for the marketeers in the western market - regardless of the product quality. And yes, as a potential buyer I would have an issue with this as well. Coolness is always part of consumer electronics. Even "Hyperprime" is over the top ... StarTrek or what ? So this is a magical device with warp speed.

This is a pity because the company really has potential as we can also see with this one here.

Meh... I got over these ridiculous derived names so I can also get over SLRMagic:


Panasonic and Sony -  kinda lame for audio equipment brands, downright stupid for a camera brand.


Pentax  - can they still put it on a point-and-shoot camera if it doesn't have a pentaprisim?


and this over the top name, mythical, comic book name:



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