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Next PZ lens test report: Leica Noctilux-M 50mm f/0.95 ASPH
Quote:Well, the Otus is a little bit bigger , isn't it ? And more than a stop slower.

As a rule of the thumbs you can double the size/weight per stop (when keeping the quality).

The results aren't that bad at max aperture IMHO (in relation to the aperture).
  sure, neither are light weights, however, I thought I was "understanding" with regard to the Zeiss pricing, here I'm more than struggling, but  hey, if money's no problem....


 thanks for the review mst,nice

Dave's clichés
Leica was never really a place of sanity ;-)

I have looked some more at the sample images from Markus, and I think what I don't like about the Leica is that odd "pulled apart" quality from the colours at transition zones or even the "focal plane", which maybe has to do with the extreme LoCA. Not just at f0.95, but also at f1.4 and f2.


The SLR Magic seems much better behaved, and the Canon seems to not have that severe LoCA (?) problem either. I wonder if the Leica is unto spec?


But once you get further from the focal plane. the bokeh from the Leica is nice and smooth. That is an attractive aspect of that lens for sure. Not so the OOF highlights.


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