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Which macro lens to buy?

I want a new macro lens. I usually use it for portraits and often for macro

I had the sigma 105 ex dg but it was way too slow and hunts all the time. I sold it

I want to buy the new sigma 105 hsm or the new tamron 90

Both are sharp but which is better to buy and which one is the fastest and hunst not too much....

Probably not many have experience with the new Tamron 90 VC so far. However, I played with one on last year's photokina a little, and one of the things I remember well is how fast it focused (very fast for a macro lens).

However, the new Sigma 105 OS also features a quite fast AF.

When did you experience the hunting? In portrait shots (where it shouldn't happen) or in macro shots (where it is not uncommon... better use manual focus for that)?

-- Markus

With macro i use mf

It used to hunt with lower light with portraits... Grgrgr


Which one do you advise? The tamron or the sigma

I use sony. No macro but the 85mm of sony is also a usefull one

Which is sharper or better for portraits: the tamron 90 or the sony sam 85mm?
If the AF module of the camera is the weak link in the chain, each lens will hunt... Try the lenses you want to make your decision about with the camera.
I have not tried either, but both should work better than the old Sigma. And I use Canon, so if I had used either I still can't say much about the lens + camera AF performance.


The best thing you can do, if you have a camera store which carries Sony DSLRs, to see if you can try each lens in store to see how responsive they are on your camera body.

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