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Preview: Leica Noctilux 50mm f/0.95 ASPH
Sample images with Leica M9 (taken quite a while ago...):

-- Markus

The images look great at wide apertures. Did you take some at .95?

Yes, the two night shots are at f/0.95. And I just added another f/0.95 shot (last image in the gallery).

-- Markus

I thought you would post some of those... The info shows 1.2 on the night shots, and the last one is 1.4, that why I ask.

Don't rely on the EXIF data in the images. The M-mount is a purely mechanical mount, there is no way to exchange information between the camera and the lens. Since the aperture is set manually on the lens, the camera has no information about the chosen setting.

The camera roughly "guesses" the aperture, but it usually guesses wrong Wink

-- Markus


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