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Sony MTFs for new lenses
Please note that the Zeiss MTFs show a different min frequency so the two are not compatible.


For comparison here are the MTFs for the 16-50 and 18-55 (comparable to the 18-105G):

Klaus, I never realized that you were seriously multilingual.  German, English and Japanese! Tongue


Anyways, I think you've got me hooked on the NEX system. Just got a NEX-5 plus 16mm pancake lens and am "eye-ing" some faster glass. Just gotta figure out a way to tell the missus (wife in Australian).


Keep up the good work down-under.

I'm working for Fujitsu in my other life ... ;-)

Which division ?


Btw I'm not sure what to make of the mtf.

16-70 can be compared to A-mount 16-80

Very similar with some bump in quality (mostly at max aperture)


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