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new Fuji stuff coming
Fuji X-M1 camera (without viewfinder)

16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS ... interesting

27mm f/2.8 pancake

no aperture ring on both new lenses  Huh  how are you supposed to control the aperture with the x-e1 or x-pro1?

They'll find ways, I'm sure. I'm guessing it will probably either be the left and right arrows (with down possibly going to auto) or the thumbwheel, controls that are barely used outside of the menus anyway.

As long as we are talking about fuji - how much does the xe-1 viewfinder fade in bright light (is it hard to use) and how laggy is it in dim light. I suppose I should make a new thread...


The M1 and new lenses don't seem that interesting - they seem targeted at the nex 3 (or maybe nex 5) crowd. I personally just can't see using a camera without a viewfinder Sad
Maybe it's just me, but to me the attraction of the Fuji system is the hybrid VF. Without that... they don't really offer anything that different from the others. Am I missing something? Ok, there is the somewhat different sensor, but I don't think that's going to be significant in itself.

I'd love an X-Pro1 except I'd now want all the new toys they put in the X100s. And if you look at the body, it is still rather big, so could they do it smaller without removing features? Well, I'm in no hurry but I might go for an X-Pro-lite if that ever happens.
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The attraction of the Fuji X-Pro1 is threefold: 1) the rangefinder-styling and retro controls (which are better than the mode dial, IMHO), 2) the hybrid viewfinder and 3) the Fuji lenses. Something had to be removed to lower the price.


- The X-E1 lost the hybrid viewfinder and was still greatly appreciated by those who did not want it or could not afford it, but wanted the controls and the lenses.

- The new X-M1 lost the viewfinder and the controls. I believe the last one is a mistake, but they probably felt it was needed to attract  the Canikon crowd. Time will tell if the strength of Fuji's lenses alone will allow them to become a major player in the mirrorless market. 


I'm interested in two things with these leaks: how good are the lenses and are they still made in Japan. 

Well, loosing the VF is a matter of taste. This is how many people enter photography these days with their phones are digicams.

As such it is a natural evolution towards higher quality without breaking the bank.


As far as controls are concerned - on the camera side they are all there it seems.

Admittedly I would have preferred to leave the aperture ring on the lens.

I suspect that the zoom is rather budget oriented although this would be a pity.


Size-wise it seems pretty neat actually.

Some more info:

THe size does seem pretty nice. I'm wondering if the X-M1 with the 27mm could help me get rid of my RX100-envy.


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