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Is A100 body best bet for cheap body for a Maxxum 200mm f2.8 lens?
A strange question I'm hoping the budget-conscious Sony Alpha afficionados here could weigh in on.


I'm a hobbyist mostly using NIkon DSLR (D70 now, eyeing a jump to D600 in a year or two) equipment.  I bought the well-regarded Maxxum 200mm f2.8 AF lens at a yard sale at a great price, so instead of selling it, thought I could just get a used Alpha body now that the prices have come down.


I can get a used A100 in very good shape for about $150.00, but am wondering if the jump to a A700 at well over $300.00 is warranted?  I would use my D70, kit lens and macro lens for family and nature close ups, and would use the Maxxum 200mm and an Alpha body for wildlife, distant landscapes, special events and sports. 





The A700 is a MUCH better camera. Not just the super accurate AF system, but also the much better sensor. Avoid the A100, if you can, since it has a quite shitty sensor (not a real jump up from your very aging D70). The A200 is not a whole lot better either.


The A700 does not have live view, so it might be interesting to look at a 4XX or 5XX series under it which do offer live view. Or even a more compact A3xx series body with live view.

There is also brand new A37 body only for $400 on Amazon ... and even cheaper on ebay

I would go for an SLT.

Thanks for the suggestions, Brightcolours, Sathe, and Klaus.  The glass pentaprism and good viewfinder models are worth it for the extra cost, so I am leaning towards the a700.  I'm going to read up on the SLT advantages, thanks for keeping me up to date


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