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next PZ lens test report: Sigma AF 60mm f/2.8 DN
Very good - whether you like the manual focus ring is a different topic ...  Rolleyes

It seems to have a lot more bokeh CA than the olympus lens but 1/2 pixel less LoCA ? Was this tested on the Nex 6 or Nex 7 (the description doesn't seem to indicate which) in any event the corners seem to hold up well though I suppose we can't compare cross system reviews.


not totally related but is the 45-175 review going to be soon? Kind of curious to compare it to the 40-150.

Nice review which shows that good lenses don't needs to cost a arm and a leg. Smile Looks like the bokeh of the 50/1.8 is smoother and and the 60/1.8 is sharper, but has only F2.8. The 50/1.8 is actually good enough for my 75x50 cm prints. Maybe most "average" sharp lenses are good enough and other properties like LoCAs and bokeh are more important. Do you will review the 12/2.8 from zeiss too?

Yes, I will review the Zeiss Touits but not on Sony E.

Oh, everybody loves X-Mount. ;-) The X-Mount has a really nice lens collection but the bodies are not my taste. But maybe this new APS-C fixed lens compacts are more for me.

Quote:Very good - whether you like the manual focus ring is a different topic ...  Rolleyes


the comparison to the pancake lens sure looks funny, the pancake looks more like a 60mm with hood....
Could we have the Nex-6 vs Nex-7 corner sharpness comparison? 

Not with this lens.

This makes sense with large aperture or wide angle lenses.

Unsurprisingly I'm still waiting for the Sony 35/1.8 to return from service.

The Sony service is as miserable here as it was in Germany.
Is fuji any better ? Wasn't there some data somewhere that show the quality of service from camera vendors around the world ?

Probably not.


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