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How durable is the front glass of a Tokina 11-16mm?

I just got the lens from an online shop.

The parcel made a bit of a rattling sound when moving, it turned out the lens cap wasn't snapped on properly, so it was hitting the glass. The lens was wrapped in a plastic bag but the hood was on, so the cap had a few centimetres to move around.

I examined the front part with a loupe but couldn't detect any scratches.

What do you think, any possibility of damage to the coating, or something else to be concerned about?

Maybe I'm a bit paranoid ;-) the cap is just plastic after all, it's just weird knowing it happily banged on the expensive glass for quite a long journey.

Best regards,


    It sounds to me if you can't see any scratches, then there aren't any.

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Thick front elements are really very durable. Optical glass is really hard, and the coatings on lenses are metals that are vaporized on it at very high temperatures, and they are hard and scratch resistant too. 

So you do not have to worry, the plastic of front caps is not hard enough to cause scratches. Only things harder than the glass/coatings can scratch lenses.


Sometimes marks appear on the coatings, but those are finger grease marks or dried up fluid drop marks which you can clean off with a tiny bit of lens cleaning fluid and a lens cleaning micro fiber cloth. If there is dust or even a possible grain of sand, you can clean that with a soft lens cleaning brush.

Thanks a lot for the information, much appreciated.

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