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next PZ lens test report: Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 STM IS
Very good actually ...


Wow, excellent MTFs.

Expectedly, distortion at 18mm is a bit high - but still better than the 17-85 efs at 17mm, for example.

So, this lens is indeed a bargain for what it does.


Klaus, what is your subjective opinion of how the 18-55 STM renders colors?

I have the 17-40L and I think that it produces images with pleasing, vibrant colors.

I do wish that it had IS, though.


Thanks for the review, btw. I was really looking to it.

Thanks for the review, Klaus.


Woow, very impressive sharpness!!

Despite what is said in the conclusion (3x zoom, somewhat slow), few other manufacturers manage to get such high and homogeneous performances throughout the range and apertures.


Why not a highly recommended rating though? Few lenses, regardless of price and specs manage to do so well.

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While the lens is better than its predecessors, it is still fairly mediocre on the mechanical side.

As such HR is out-of-question here.

Thanks for the review Klaus. Its good to see the kit lens continue to improve (barring the pointless IS II one), and its quite a deal at $150 if you purchase it in the T5i kit.


I know its more or less the same lens (variable aperture, kind of slow), but what are your thoughts about upgrading to this lens from the previous IS kit?

Well, the 18-55 IS is/was already pretty good. The STM version shows a tad less flare maybe.

If you got a well centered older version I probably won't do it.


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