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Nice camera bag for EVILs
I was looking for a smallish camera bag for mirrorless cameras and stumbed across ONA bags and gave it a try.


It just arrived. Quite a cute thing actually:

High quality, too.



PS: No, I'm not associated with ONA.


I like the fake lid strap arrangement Smile When I saw that I thought it would be too slow to use, until I saw it was cosmetic only and there's a faster clip under it.

How do you rate the size? Would it take a Canon xxxD and a couple of small lenses?

My small bag at the moment is a Lowepro Rezo AW160 I think (might be lower number), and while it's functional it isn't pretty.
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Well, the EOS 50D is too big for this bag. The Pana GH3 fits nicely so an EOS 100D/SL1 should go in there. Beyond it'll get a little too tight.

Very nice bag, indeed.

I've got this bag for an OM-D and a few lenses, highly recommended and pretty cheap, too:
I personally use Domke F-5XB, and put it into Timbuk2 messenger bag, or just carry it separately. Very nice bag, and not that expensive


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