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Some thoughts from my trip to Oz and NZ.
Just returned from a month in Oz and NZ (mainly South Island) with 3 days stop-off in Hong Kong at each end.


While there, I took a number of boat and coach trips. each of which was filled with camera-wielding tourists like me, though most were from SE Asia (can't distinguish between Japanese, Chinese and Koreans, I'm afraid - apologies.) What was immediately evident was that the majority of the cameras toted were Nikon APSC DSLRs. Around 75-80% I'd say. The only Canons I saw were a few high end 5-series with expensive glass on-board (mostly 24-70 f2.8Ls). Has Nikon really got the  entry level DSLR segment wrapped up? They're as ubiquitous as Toyota cars in NZ.


Just before leaving, I splashed out on a 24-105 f4L IS to go with my 5D Mark2. I had originally intended to take the 17-40 f4L and the 70-200 f4L IS but decided in the end to take just one lens. I must say I was very pleasantly surprised by the lens and only occasionally missed the wider and longer FLs. The lens is very tightly assembled and better built/ more solid that my other 5 L lenses, apart from maybe the 35 f1.4L. It is also more contrasty than I'd expected - far more so than the 17-40L. I don't know whether manufacturers change the spec of lenses over time (e.g. better lens coatings/ tighter tolerances), but I feel the reviews don't really do this lens justice. It will now be my standard lens for travel and most routine stuff. I'll sell the 17-40 and a few others on eBay.


Finally, thanks to Klaus and others for directing me away from expensive storage media contraptions. I went with five 4GB CF cards, editing fairly heavily each evening and, even shooting RAW, that was enough storage.





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