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Fuji X100 23mm lens
Hi , 


I know that this forum has an excellent reputation and in particular Klaus's input and lens reviews.


I am most interested in purchasing a Fuji X100.  I wonder if Photozone via Klaus or its other members have had the opportunity to use the camera and would appreciate any comments on its lens quality.


Thank you all in anticipation of your kind and thoughtful replies.



Hi Adam,


I while ago, I decided to buy an x100 as a second camera for

those events, where a 5D plus a set of lenses are just to big.

So, the x100 is not my main camera, nevertheless, I use it



As for the quality of the lens ... the 23/2 is a very good lens.

In the beginning I tended to blame the lens for focus failures

expecially with near subjects, until I took the parallax effect

into account and used the electronic viewfinder for such cases.

If focussed correct, the lens is quite sharp wide open and

really sharp around f/5.6. In night scenes with strong light

sources in the frame, it can (it dow not always do it) produce

halos around the highlights. I'm not sure if it is the lens alone

who is to blame for this.


As for the complete package ... the x100 is not that intuitive to use

as it would seem on first sight. Nevertheless, once you have

introduced yourself into the concept, and have found some

of the tricks that can make life easier, the x100 is a pleasure to use.


A thing to keep in mind: You certainly should be a friend of the

35mm focal length (in terms of fullframe). I had a Minox 35 GT

many years ago, and while this was not technically the best camera

I ever had, it was one I missed for a while after the advent of digital.

With the x100 I found something very similar to that.


Just some thoughts ... Rainer

The lens has one flaw. Bright, point-source lights can have an asymmetrical flare artifact at any aperture. The angle of the light seems to be important. This flaw is most often seen in night scenes. There is speculation the flare is related to internal reflections as the rear element is very close to the sesnor. It is so close the sensor micro-lens design changes from the center of the sensor to the edges in order to accommodate the difference in light angles.

The lens can have flare issues when some filters are mounted. This is highly dependent on the filter. The built-in ND filter, however, causes no problems at all.

Otherwise, I really like the lens.
I read a review on the x100s (which I think has the same lens) which was rather posiive. I would post the link but I can't find it now. There were a few comments about being a bit soft (not super soft) wide open in the corners and I can't remember if they tested both near and far (street vs landscape). They were also quite enchanted by the improve camera performance of the 's'; though I suppose it is more expensive.

Anyone interested in the Fuji X series cameras, should check this quite regularly; It has a wealth of knowledge and experience on the Fuji X series!
Thanks vieux loup, good link I lost track of a while ago.

The Fujirumours site is also quite good and has its "friday expert corner".


As for that 23mm f/2 lens. I was expecting it to be better @ f/2, at least on a hopefully revised x100s but it isn't really much better it seems. Evidence here : [/url][url=]


Too hazy for my tastes, YMMV. I know it's probably unwise to compare but when you have used a lens as sharp wide open as the tiny 20mm f/1.7, I find it difficult to go back to hazy lenses Undecided.


Seems pretty good at anything over f/2. 




Now you would want to look at the X100s and not the X100, of course!


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