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So Canon did it again with the EOS 6D II
Quote:Well, I have mixed feelings on this. 


At some point I think Canon needs to own up and realize their customers are going to use 3rd party lenses and as such, not piss off their customer base. This goes for all manufacturers. There are several things Canon can do. One is offer these 3rd party lens makers a license, free or for a small fee.


The key thing here is if something goes wrong Canon just needs to say that lens wasn't licensed if thee's an iissue. Furthermore, if a lens requires an update and you registered your third party lens they can inform you before the new model camera is released. 


I noticed my Oly has lens updating capability. The lens you want to update has to be on the camera while running the update softer. I'm kind of curious if there was an update for a Pany lens attached would the Oly software show me there's an update? It does read out the revision of the Pany lenses correctly. Does anyone know?

Yes, Oly software allows you to update Panny lenses on an Oly body, and vice versa too. I do this all the time. With Oly software it is the easiest, however.


HTH, kind regards, Wim
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