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Sony 50mm 1.8 E mount
I bought this lens, only to find that the top glass of the lens is not leveled. I could see that the thickness of the black ring just on top of the glass was not even - at one side was 1 mm and the other was 2 mm. I returned the lens and went to another shop to check the same 50mm 1.8 E mount lens. The issue is less serious, but still exist.

The issue may be due to the black ring thickness, or the top glass is not leveled - one side is higher than the other side. If that is the glass issue, it means that the glass is not perpendicular to the axis. Of course, I have no instrument to measure.

Do anyone have the same issue for the same lens??
Hi Mic

I checked mine and it's OK. Its made in China - 1843903


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