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next PZ lens test report: Zeiss Batis 18mm f/2.8
Quote:I see the antique fellows are gathering around again... "lenses have to be cylindrical and metal only", haha.


I don't dislike the lens design, I just hate the super-poor quality of the lens hood and front-covers (for the Touit, that is, but it's the same or worse on Batis). Getting no firmware upgrade from Zeiss is another weakness.

Hood is rather alright as long as you don't mind the extra size. You can't reverse it though, is that what you hate about them?


Lens cap is... another story. How could they make it that bad?
The lens hood (of the Touit 12/2.8) feels cheap and fixing it is opposite of smooth. I can reverse it, so I thought, the one of the 18/2.8 can also be reversed? All hoods of the Sigma Arts series are tighter, easier to fix and more capable of taking a bump without breaking in a dozen little parts Sigma even has a rubberized ring around their hoods to make it easier to mount or dismount. The plastic Zeiss uses is just too brittle.


At the Otii, the use metal hoods. I think, a couple of customers would be willing to pay and extra for these kind of stuff - I also ordered metal hoods for the Fujinons 23/1.4 and 16/1.4. No need for front caps then (which are also kind of cheaply made)

Just realized that my Batis 25mm's hood actually can be reversed after all Big Grin 

Smile see...


don't know, you like congrats or condolences for that?

I'd like a new lens cap now Smile 

Quote: Oops yes! 

  I'm showing my ignorance and non enthusiasm of heavy metal!......I like Slash however.....a cool dude!
I'm sorry to be playing an evil proofreader again (that must've come with the job). GNR or AC/DC aren't heavy metal anyway (but that's not ironclad fact, just my opinion). Smile

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