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Two new Nikon lenses: AF-S 800/5.6 VR and AF-S 18-35/3.5-4.5G ED
The 800 VR comes with a dedicated 1.25 TC. Quite a bargain at $ 18.000.

The 18-35 finally sees an upgrade with AF-S drive. Makes the lens an obvious choice for the D600 and other future entry-level FX cameras. Price seems a bit high to me ($ 750) and the MTFs don't look too promising...

Full press release here:

-- Markus

The published MTF for the 800mm f5.6 VR look great, though. Even better than those for the Canon 800mm f5.6 L IS.

Had to look twice though at the lens construction, with those front groups with 2 FLUORITE elements I was sure I was looking at a Canon lens!

[Image: pic_003.jpg]

[Image: lens-construction.png]

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