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3 new Sony lenses it seems

Planar T * 50mm F1.4 ZA SSM

18-200mm F3.5-6.3 OSS E PZ

E 20mm F2.8

Hum. But only one lens of potential 'quality' ?
I suppose E-mounters wait for the rumored Zeiss 16-80, and some better tele options. The 20mm pancake is probably OK though.
not always is everything as it seems…….but i'm happy with the lenses i have for the sony…... but i'm not happy with the current cameras sony has for the lenses…...
If the 20mm pancake could be used in the Meike underwater housing originally made for the 16/2.8, these are great news.

No, I don't wait for E-mount 16-80; just got the small 16-50 instead. When I can do with the size of 16-80 (whatever it can be), I take my Alpha SLT with its version of 16-80. I use NEX when I need something much less bulky.
The A-Mount 50mm Zeiss is still "under development".

If I remember correctly the 500/4 was "under development" roughly 4 years before they finally released it last year...

Hope that they get it done this year.

I'm not a fan of pancakes at all, but I guess the 20mm will probably do better than the bad 16mm. Nice to have for somebody desiring an "as-tiny-as-possible" camera/lens combination.

Regarding the 18-200PZ I have mixed emotions.

I had a chance at Photokina to play with it on a VG30 cc and found the PZ working very smooth for video. Although I find it personally annyoing slow, and you need to switch between manual and PZ mode - meaning you use either or.

The PZ mechanism makes it (again personal taste) quite chunky compared to the aesthetic NEX body.

Finally the price indication - 1.200,-€. What the F... is Sony thinking?

Considering the medium IQ and the flaws of an 11x zoom the price seems being quite nasty.

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