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About contrast
Your contrast classification makes me think: Is he talking about the difference between max black and max white (meaning the range between straight black and white) or is he talking about the tonality in between the max marks? From a bad lens (contrast wise) with a rank of 3 I still can get contrasty pictures by raising the whites and lowering the blacks - but I loose a lot of tones in between.


Like Klaus said, lots information can't be recovered.


But with lenses of only 5% difference in contrast you need to compare the pictures directly and the comparison will be worthless, because the less contrasty lens could resolve 10% better and soon the better details would outrun the theoretically better contrast. Or a better colour fidelity. I just want to point out that contrast is only one characteristic of a lens, there are so much more and no picture (except test shots of test boards) can be repeated - so what's the point? A good lens should deliver sufficient contrast - if the tonality is maxed out, all the better and all the more versatile it will be.


But in dave'd samples if was not so much the contrast of the problem (the labels aside) but the contrast of the whole scene - and if the sensor doesn't cope with contrast, no lens can improve that.

I know that most members here have read this , but from what I read in this forum  I'm afarid that it is somehow forgotten


Is there any unclarity?

Do we need this discussion?

Quote:Do we need this discussion?

Yes, because I don't know what you mean. I'm not able to read and understand all of that document, and I don't think all photographers are.


Secondarily, that is the theory. The question was related to practice - we all know that one thing is to test a lens on an optical bench and analysing diagrams, another thing is taking photos with it. The two things are not totally uncorrelated, anyway they are two different things.


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