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Got the X 18-55mm f/2.8-4 OIS
Will post some images after tomorrow or so.

Feels very nice.
<img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/cool.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='B)' /> .....and looking forward to seeing what you will be shooting down here
Is it decentered ?
[quote name='you2' timestamp='1355405475' post='21175']

Is it decentered ?


It does not appear to be.

There's a delay regarding the sample images - it is very warm here but also very cloudy.
Hum. I guess that is something to be said in Fuji favor given all the issues you've had with other IS zooms. Be curious to see what sort of shots you post; there are some spectacular areas in walking distance; though for the life of me I can't name any of them. I just remember taking a ferry across the bay and staying in a house up the cliff.
Hmmh, the 18-55mm is weak at f/2.8 at 18mm. I was already afraid of this due to the short registration distance.

At f/8 it is quite sharp though.
I just did the MTF testing.

I've to admit that manual focusing is rather poor. The camera doesn't seem to keep a focus setting upon shutter release.

No idea whether this relates to the camera or the lens but I suspect it is the camera. The lens should be a rather dumb being.
Hello all,

New to the forum, but "vintage" reader of the tests, so congrats for the excellent work!



-Not keeping focus upon shutter release means that focus is lost after taking every photo in manual focus? If yes, does it also mean that one cannot take a series of photos without refocusing?


-I just "dirty" checked my 18-55 and as a first impression no decentering, fortunately. However, as a curious person by nature,  I wonder if Fuji would accept  a decentered lens as a faulty one and replace or fix it in warranty. And are there different levels of decentering?


-Last, does decentering happen in both planes or it is more frequent in one of them?


Much obliged for your time. 

Hi,  I am new to this site and to the Fuji xPro 1.  How do I know if my Fuji 18-55 lens has a centering problem?  Thanks,  Jack



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