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60mm olympus test
This test is probably more boring than the 75mmf1.8; hard to believe:
A while ago I offered this lens to PZ for review - no response... Anyhow, I can confirm that it is indeed darn sharp at f/2.8.
The guys responsible for MFT have tight schedules right now (family related,continent change,...), we just have to be patient :-)

Sammy, I got one as well and was stupid enough to try to test for decentering. Stupid because it's not easy to do and therefore can lead you to conclude something that is perhaps not the case. It seems I have a slightly better left side but not sure. I'll be posting pics in a day or two and would appreciate if you can assess them "high level" of course?


I wasn´t motivated to scrutinize mine as yet because the results look good so far, e.g. the pics in my GH1 album, and I like it for portrait as well. Let´s have a look at your test shots!

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