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Sony 18-55mm lens - weired results - Different NEX models
Comparing your two resolution tests (Sony 18-55mm E-mount) for 14 and 24 Mpix sensors the results are really weired. Especially for the edge performance.

At 18mm

NEX7 showing ~1300 compared to ~1900 on NEX5

At 24mm

NEX7 showing ~1800 compared to ~2000 on NEX5

How can the NEX7 sensor MTF values can drop so deep at the edges? So miserable and even worse than on old NEX5 sensor? Optically this is not explainable but bad lens sample on NEX7 during test.

Anybody has an explanation?

Quick link for the two tests:

What can I expect using this lens on NEX-5N?
Well, it has been discussed intensively here and it's also mentioned in some of the NEX7 reviews.

The 24mp sensor of the NEX7 has a problem with edge smearing in our opinion.

We would definitely recommend the NEX6 instead (or a NEX with the 16mp sensor).

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