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photographer loses lawsuit a monkey
Quote:No! Sorry, you do not seem to get the facts straight!

"PETA then filed a lawsuit against Slater on the monkey’s behalf to have the copyright assigned to the monkey. The US Copyright Office stated in 2014 that it can’t assign copyright to animals, and a judge ruled in 2016 that the monkey can’t own copyright to the famous selfie. Since then, the case has gotten bumped up to a US federal appeals court..."


Sometimes I can't understand the Americans, they go so far claiming selfies copyright to a monkey, then they use them in animal testing and never hesitate polluting and destroying their environment!!!
Even in North-America different people exist.

Well unless lawyers are volunteers or no legal expenses what PETA did is pointless, the monkey doesn't care for the copyright, and the money could be spent more efficiently in other ways that could benefit animals more. Contributors won't be happy seeing their money spent this way.

How about you start the story from its beginning?


There was not possibly a sentence like ...


"After the original monkey selfie photos went viral on the Web, a takedown request was sent on Slater’s behalf to a publication that shared the images."


... somewhere. And you are aware what "takedown requests" are and

what it means that they were being sent on "Slater's behalf" ?


So, eventually you realise, there has been action before the guy was being sued by Peta?


But eventually, you live in a universe with a slightly different kind of truth?

(A universe with a blond wig eventually?)

Pollution happens everywhere, and AFAIK in India and China mainly. BTW, I don't want to start an OT, but I'd like to point out that CO2 is not a pollutant. Things are quite complex. It's better to stay on the original topic.


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Seems they got into a settlement

Quote:Seems they got into a settlement

The winner being, more often than not, the lawyers....  
Quote:The winner being, more often than not, the lawyers....

You know how much healthcare professionals love lawyers... You are targeting a very sensitive area...

Here's w lawyer joke:

A person suspect of stealing a diamond necklace was in court he was declared innocent.

After release his friend asked him, as I know you should be really glad to have such a good lawyer.

Good lawyer? the ex suspect said... I didn't have enough money to pay him so he took the necklace.
Quote:But eventually, you live in a universe with a slightly different kind of truth?

(A universe with a blond wig eventually?)

I don't know why you are being so confrontational and offensive.


Also, you may want to look up the English meaning of "eventually". It may not be what you think it is...

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