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next PZ lens test report: Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 HSM DG OS Contemporary
Somewhat worse than the Sports lens but not so much really:



   Thanks for this long awaited review Klaus!


      It's all about the long end, as these super tele-zooms all do well at the shorter FLs!  The lens does about the same as the A011 Tamron (G1) looking at the res. charts.


   Two missing lenses as yet untested are the Tammy G2 which in my view is a massive upgrade from the G1 in both features and sharpness at the long end.............


   ...........and the Nikon AF-S 200mm-500mm F5.6 VRII.........this lens has a great reputation amongst wildlife shooters, maybe being the best of the bunch wide open at the long end, where it holds on to the very useful aperture of F5.6....and in practice that's very useful indeed....of course the lens covers a much shorter focal range.......oftentimes not long enough!


   One thing for sure is how much these lenses have changed the face of wildlife photography for the enthousiast, with Flickr and other every body can get a good sharp image!
Dave's clichés
#3 every body can get a good sharp image!

Can I get your certified signature under this daring theory?  Big Grin "Everybody with some arm strength, owning a camera with good or better high-ISO-behavior and knowing how to set AFMA, AF in general and shooting mostly and no longer than 1/1000"


And it's "enthusiast", darling.


200-500 wide open useable would be nice, yes, but after several hours of AFMA-games I doubt the focus would be in place at all distances and all FL. But even with a slight sharpness advantage and 1 1/2 stop faster, I prefer the Tamron G2 any time. The value of IQ and features of the whole package is just massive.
   I reserve the right to make an occasional error especially if the word in question is spelled "enthousiaste" in French.....but thanks for the "darling" very sweet!!    Tongue  And what with the American colour/color..... Medal of Honour/Honor and the years of various abuses my brain has suffered.  Sad !


  I would like to try the Nikon but:  it depends what you are shooting, most of my images are cropped and from the D500, many are 5-8 Mps files, when you can shoot F4 with my Nikor on the FF sensor and actually fill the frame it's like all your birthdays come at once!



However I'm just not getting missed shots due to AF inaccuracies on stationary targets, tracking is harder, the heat here at the moment is the killer, I was shooting the other day and anything over 15 mts just got soft soft soft!
Dave's clichés
While we are at the subject of correcting dave, "everybody", not "every body"  Tongue  :lol:

Thanks Klaus. Your review pretty much matches my experience on the field, considering that using it on a APS-C Sony cameras my border experience is a bit better. Your review confirms my choice, that in my case spending more money for the Sport version wouldn't have been a good idea (considering that this lens is at the limit of my handholding). Also, I confirm I'm pleased by the bokeh quality, and I'm learning the Sport has got it a bit worse. 


So far my greatest problem with this lens is stability. With some shutter speeds, the remote shutter is fundamental, still I'm losing some shots because of blur. The a6300 has the silent shutter, I've never tried it with this lens, it could be useful. Also, because of the so-so tripod foot, a beanbag is preferrable over a tripod.


One year ago I tried a long shooting session with the a6000 and this lens, handheld, an the MC-11, with paragliders. Results were scarce (a minimal fraction of shots was sharp). One week ago I reproduced this test with the a6300 and its improved focus tracking. I'm still working on the shots, it will take some more day for post-processing, but my preliminary impression is about a remarkable improvement.


PS Now I'm pretty much curious about a comparison with the latest Sigma 100-400. Some reviewers say its IQ is comparable with the legendary Canon. And it's only 800/900 €. You give up 200mm, which is not neglectable, but the lens is lighter and easier to handheld. I'm curious about the IQ comparison in the common focal range.


Sony a6300, Sony a6000, Sony NEX-6, Sony E 10-18mm F4 OSS, Sony Zeiss Vario-Tessar T* E 16-70mm F4 ZA OSS, Sony FE 70-200mm F4 G OSS, Sigma 150-600mm Æ’/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary, Samyang 12mm Æ’/2, Sigma 30mm F2.8 DN | A, Meyer Gorlitz Trioplan 100mm Æ’/2.8, Samyang 8mm Æ’/3.5 fish-eye II | Zenit Helios 44-2 58mm Æ’/2 
Plus some legacy Nikkor lenses.
The 100-400 was a big surprise to me, but I don't know what I would say if I had high expectations to it. I just "played around" as it appeared under my radar. With any APS-C camera, that would be the choice for me.


As for the contemporary. I recall about 2 firmware udates for the Sports version which increased AF speed and accuracy to some extent, also the MC-11 got updates. Are your products up to date? The MC-11 just got an update very recently, see:

 Be careful how you wage war on the English correction front, sometimes I look at what is written here and wince.......


    or I'll correct yours!  :o


  Dustin Abbot has reviewed the Sigma 100-400mm and showed it to be very sharp indeed, the downside was the poor tracking of the lens in AF-C........way too many misses, a pity!

Dave's clichés
I'm afraid that I have to disappoint you a little ... now it's Sony time (5 lenses).

Quote:Be careful how you wage war on the English correction front, sometimes I look at what is written here and wince.......

Shut up, darling.  Tongue I know you like to wince. And I also know how to make you cry,,,  :angry: Now get your crappy grey import Nikon stuff fixed. I just enjoy shooting with all this "a dream to use" superperfect stuff around me.




Quote:or I'll correct yours!  :o

Feel free to waste any amount of your time. I just like to ask you about the difference between apathy and ignorance: "Don't know, don't care." would be the answer.


Quote:Dustin Abbot has reviewed the Sigma 100-400mm and showed it to be very sharp indeed, the downside was the poor tracking of the lens in AF-C........way too many misses, a pity!

As the lens is new, there will be a firmware fix soon. But even if not: Hard to complain at this pricepoint, no? I also had difficulties to track a milan, but that bloody bird lived side by side with pigeons and all of a sudden appeared in mid-air. I think, the lens found that as hard to believe as me.


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