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The latest rip off ...



What are the manufacturing costs for this? 20-30$?

It's a pinhole lens right ?

Insane, pay more, to have more discount....
Quote:It's a pinhole lens right 

Wrong.  4 lens elements in  3 groups.  



What are the manufacturing costs for this? 20-30$?

"There is no autofocus, no zoom, no adjusting your aperture [...] thanks to a fixed aperture and hyperfocal technology"   :blink: 

"world's fastest always in-focus lens" ... f/8 ....  Rolleyes

Spot the nonsense. The lens on a mirrorless Sony A7, compact "pancake". Yet will be offered on Canon and Nikon? Right.

No focussing, yet "magnification 1:8". Right. 

Hyperfocal (the nonsense of focussing between two distances) yet no focusing. Right.

The biggest oddity is that there are people who are buying this nonsense.

This looks like a nonsense to me!

Dave's clichés
Reminds me of a "NoPhone" without screen or communications (you guessed it... it's a plastic brick designed to wean the users off of peeking into their phones every other second). However, this looks like you can still get a sharp image... with lots of guessing skills, or dumb luck. Smile


And yeah, at least the Olympus body cap lens could still focus somehow... Big Grin


The scary thing is... some doofuses have actually procured $46K for this junk... I guess the owner may now take the money and vanish? Smile


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