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Preview: Fujinon XF 50mm f/2 R WR
Some sample images:

-- Markus

Nice shots, Markus.

I recognize some parts of Geneva from the pics ;-)

However, where did you go in the mountains?


Also, what do you think of the lens? The bokeh seems quite nice.

Flickr gallery
Thx, Florent Smile

We did a day trip to the area around Saanen/Gstaad (train from Geneva to Montreaux, Panoramic Express to Rougement from there) to meet my girlfriend's father, who took part in a crazy bikepacking endurance event (Navad 1000, Thanks to online live tracking of the event, we managed an unexpected (to him) encounter in Saanen... to make sure he's ok, good on energy and food, not too sunburned, healthy... parenting parents Wink

So far I have a good impression of the lens, but I'm also a little biased, since 75 mm (equiv) is a focal length that I learned to love (prefer it over 50 mm). Bokeh seems quite good, but highlights show some outlining (see the smoking zone sample image). However, given the price, the 50/2 seems a no-brainer to me. Haven't done any lab tests yet, though.

Looking back, I would have preferred to have a zoom on that trip, too (only took the 23/2 and the 50/2).

-- Markus

Seems pretty decent. I didn't look at 100% and the bright light helped with contrast et all but the lens seem to make the best of what it had available.


I guess the bokeh is not perfect but it still seems fairly pleasing even on that picture. Almost has a little character without being objectionable. Having said that I don't care much for the rendering in image 1. I wonder if a better lens would have produce a more interesting result in the foliage or if it is simply too busy for an f2. Actually it is not that bad but there is some loca which is making it worse.

So Markus, you're in charge of the Fuji section now?
I think he likes the pro-1; though I suspect he would find the pro-2 more interesting.

Probably he just likes properly focused pictures although AF is on.

Big Grin

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