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next PZ lens test report: Sigma 12-24mm f/4 HSM DG ART

          Very good real world review, especially given the detailed info on the lens's field of curvature which causes a little "mayhem" at the longer focal lengths, most reviews mention nothing of that genre....

Actually, I would like see some evidence how it looks like and how big's the impact. 7 samples are not a lot, I was scrolling through 48 pictures (less than an hour? ha! 20 minutes - so really nothing to call it a test) and simply could not see these problems in real world. But I realized I have less high expectations on sharpness as there is so much to be seen on the picture - I simply didn't bother enough to see the structures of leaves close to the lens' ∞ position.


Although I tried the lens, I also think of looking at the Irix would be worth to do. As for lack of AF: I haven't tried a DLSR-body (so far) which had no troubles to AF these UWA reliably. Apparently the grass is not much greener at the Canon side of the hills, and I think there are not much subjects in UWA situations which are moving so quickly. Personally, I don't see the value of PDAF in that region to be a ,must have'.

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next PZ lens test report: Sigma 12-24mm f/4 HSM DG ART - by JJ_SO - 06-24-2017, 10:42 AM

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