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next PZ lens test report: Sigma 12-24mm f/4 HSM DG ART
Quote:In a perfect world scenario the focus field is absolutely flat - so e.g. if you take a perpendicular picture of a wall, the focus field should sit exactly on that wall.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm not buying an UWA for a "perfect world" flat reproduction of maps or huge posters.


I could not measure the lens I tried - and looking back and seeing the pictures I was inspired to compose, I have to say, "absolutely flat" would be a physical miracle and worse, nothing to improve my pictures. Long ago I thought enough DoF can save any day, any missed focus and also perspectively challenging shots.


12 mm on full frame - how on Earth could such a lens bend the laws of optics enough to be sharpest at some flat pane?


The pictures in the tower were very complex in terms of involved distances:


[Image: _DSC4751-L.jpg]


Pictures like these don't need to be sharp on each little brick or scratch in metal, I'd say.


[Image: _DSC4714-L.jpg]


[Image: _DSC4740-L.jpg]


Do you see field curvature? And if so, does it matter?


"... and all that for F4". First, it's f/4, second feel free to develop a lens which covers a whopping 36° zoom range (122.0°-84.1°)  with less distortions, field curvature... Apparently I sometimes can adapt to the fact, not to live in a perfect world scenario  ^_^


But if you'd ask me "will you buy it to replace the Nikkor?" I'd hesitate. Although it is much better in terms of flare and offers 2 mm shorter FL. I was not very often in the situation to really need the zoom part of the UWA zoom, but then it was good to have it - the big angle of view sometimes bring in distractive things, then it's good to narrow it a bit.


It's not a clear decision to make. I think, Sigma did a fairly cool job with it, but I'm curious about the 14/1.8 as well - and both Irix lenses are as well on my list to play with.


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